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  • O-Pro

    Premium Conferencing Experience


    Different from the G-Pro series features,  the O-Pro series with the projected capacitive touch technology and enhance the simultaneous interaction. Provides up to three various conference attendees can annotations using the Smart Pen or handwriting. 


    Color: Black
    • Projected Capacitive Touch O Pro Series

      Flat front surface with unique projected capacitive touch technology lets the touch detection increase to 99% accuracy, and up to 3 different conference participants can make notes using the Smart Pen or handwriting.

    • Digital Whiteboard

      With a user-friendly toolbar and intelligent gesture recognition system, let the digital whiteboard become an essential tool in brainstorm meetings. 

    • High Quality Video Conferencing

      Live stream with a high-quality camera can provide a non-delayed product presentation to multiple parties beyond geographical boundary at any time and anywhere.

    • Wireless Multi device Mirroring

      Cast images or files to the Co-Working Hub screen wirelessly from PCs, smartphones or tablets. Saving valuable conferencing time while extending participation capabilities.

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