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Premium Conferencing Experience

Different from the G-Pro series features,  the O-Pro series with the projected capacitive touch technology and enhance the simultaneous interaction. Provides up to three various conference attendees can annotations using the Smart Pen or handwriting. 

Projected Capacitive Touch –O-Pro Series 

Flat front surface with unique projected capacitive touch technology lets the touch detection increase to 99% accuracy, and up to 3 different conference participants can make notes using

the Smart Pen or handwriting. 

conference room big@3x.png

Digital Whiteboard 

With a user-friendly toolbar and intelligent gesture recognition system, let the digital whiteboard become an essential tool in brainstorm meetings. 

conference room big@3x.png

High-Quality Video Conferencing 

Live stream with a high-quality camera can provide a non-delayed product presentation to multiple parties beyond geographical boundary at any time and anywhere.

conference room big@3x.png

Wireless Multi-device Mirroring

Cast images or files to the Co-Working Hub screen wirelessly from PCs, smartphones or tablets. Saving valuable conferencing time while extending participation capabilities. 

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